Gaskets, the Simplest but Very Vital Car Part

It’s always amazing how the most intricate, large systems can be brought to a halt by the smallest, underestimated part failing. It’s the truth though. Some of the breakdowns or accidents in Belfast are the result of gasket failures. Sure, the greater symptoms are the result of bigger systems failing, but their shutdown can so very often be tracked back to a gasket blowing.

These flexible seals, made mostly of steel or copper, serve as barriers to prevent leaks, liquids mixing when they shouldn’t, or to contain or block air. They’re critical to keeping oil in the oil pan, regulating temperature and air flow in the intake and exhaust manifolds and padding the gaps between cylinder heads and engine blocks.

It’s easy to detect failing gaskets, as they crack or permit gaps to appear and can often get covered in sludge because of leaks they let happen. To prevent this sort of thing, stay on top of oil and fluid changes and pay close attention to how hot your engine is running.

For more information about this and other ways to keep your car running like a literal well-oiled machine, come see us in our service center at Quirk Ford of Belfast to learn more.

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