Avoid breakdowns with regular vehicle maintenance

With modern vehicles frequently being able to make it past the 500,000-mile mark, it is more important than ever to make sure that you take the best possible care of your vehicle. Strictly following your manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule will ensure that your vehicle will make it well into the hundreds of thousands of miles. This can not only save enormously on the replacement cost of your car but can also ensure that you will be able to get the maximum possible value if and when you decide to sell your vehicle.

Maintenance schedules are set by the manufacturer based on closely analyzing the outcomes of millions of vehicles. The schedules are scientifically devised to maximize the longevity and condition of your vehicle while minimizing maintenance costs. It is, therefore, extremely important to adhere to these set schedules as closely as possible.

Our dealership, in Belfast, can let you know what your optimal maintenance schedule is. Call us for an appointment today.
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