Does My Battery Need Servicing?

Most drivers are not able to easily recognize the warning signs that their vehicle's battery is dying. The following list of warning signs will help you to identify trouble and get a technician looking at it more rapidly.

Here are a few of the top warnings signs your battery needs servicing:
  • The casing that holds the battery has become dangerously swollen.
  • The check-engine light is blinking or it stays lit when the car is running.
  • Your car all of a sudden needs to be jump-started occasionally.
  • The headlights are very dim when the car is running.
  • When you try to turn over the engine in the morning it is cranking very slowly.
  • There is an odd odor coming from the battery compartment.
  • The interior lights are dim or flicker when driving.
Stop by our service center at the first sign of trouble so we can address the issue with your battery.
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