7 Essentials to Bring on Your Next Road Trip

Take along these 7 essentials for road safety on that next trip.

1. Bring a roll of duct tape for patching holes or making repairs to radiator hoses.
2. Tire fix-a-flat can help you get the car rolling to the next gas station.
3. Pack a small bag with some assorted tools that you can use to make emergency repairs.
4. Bring along a gallon of engine coolant in the event the car does overheat.
5. Road flares are important to warn other drivers that you are stranded on the roads.
6. Bring a new flashlight and make sure that you have a good amount of new batteries.
7. Pack an empty gas can in your trunk in case you run out of fuel.

Be sure that you make time to come by the service center so we can provide your vehicle a pre-road-trip check-up before you head out on the highway.
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